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People Analytics Partners

Improving business performance through data-driven talent management

Are you getting the most value from your people investments?

Workforce costs account for up to 70% of your operating expense.  Do you know which people investments are driving organizational performance?  You don't have to go it alone.  

Leveraging decades of experience, People Analytics Partners connects leaders with a curated group of expert practitioners and thought leaders.  We use the latest analytics and research to help companies build the programs that improve workforce productivity, well-being and engagement.  All while delivering on the bottom line.


Our expert practitioners offer consulting and workshops on HR transformation, work design, HR technology, and skill development.

Meet the founder

My name is RJ Milnor

I've been honored to lead HR teams at some of the world's most respected companies. But, despite how mature the organization was, it always seemed difficult to find the right person when I needed technical talent to supplement my team.  At the same time, I saw there was phenomenal talent in the marketplace that wasn't fully employed.  That's why I founded People Analytics Partners, to connect companies that need HR expertise with the best experts and thought leaders that can solve their problems.

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San Francisco | Miami

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